Remembering the good events and leaving out the bad details

One of the stories that gets the most "awww's" is the story of how I proposed to my wife. We had planned a trip to Disney World and I had talked it up that I wanted to get her an engagement ring, but the trip was expensive and there was no need to hurry to get married (the date was 2 years away anyways). Of course, I actually did get the ring (thank you 1 year no interest deals!). I had also found a website that specialized in setting up special events in Disney World. So over email we decided for them to bury a treasure chest on a remote beach by the Grand Floridian at sunset with the proposal inside, found via a treasure map left on the beach. They even had a discreet lady with a kid (I believe) watching out for us. I sent a picture via email so they knew the correct people found it. My story was that there was a Pirates of the Caribbean show on the water at sunset and I made dinner reservations at a restaurant at the Grand Floridian anyways.

See, the story is nice (mostly because she said yes)...however, the day was actually turning out to be a disaster. First, I was on edge, as you may imagine or have experienced yourself. Second, she was skeptical of the show since she hadn't seen anything about it (I claimed to see it on the hotel channel). We were too young to rent a car, so we relied on Disney transportation, which meant 2 buses to get from the Caribbean Beach resort to the Grand Floridian. Of course the buses weren't on schedule. We got to the Grand Floridian past sunset and well into dusk, so I was dragging her through the hotel and to the side door near the beach. She had high heels on because of dinner...not the best beach gear! Then when we found the map, she tried to convince me to leave it there because it was probably for someone else. My story was that I heard of Disney doing things like this for whoever finds it. The map was easy enough and there was a large X in the sand a few steps away. Well, she wasn't going to dig in the dirty sand! Finally, I got her to at least open the chest and read the note asking her to marry me. Voila, all the stressful parts of the day went away.

So why am I telling this story? I think the point is that it is worth the reward of taking big risks. There may be a lot of details to sweat, and usually everything will not go your way, but when things work out, you have fond memories and the unsavory details become footnotes in the story.