About me

My initial blog entry is a little summary of who I am and where I am coming from. As you probably have figured out by now, my name is Brian O'Keefe and I am a Computer Scientist by training. I currently work for Infoscitex Corporation with the official title of Group Leader, Software Systems & IT. In reality, I do a little of everything depending on the day from account manager to project manager to software architect to lead programmer. However, I'll quickly highlight three unique qualities I think I bring to the table....

1. A unique active blend of experience between private industry and public sector (government research and development), as I am currently active in projects in both areas. Trust me, the difference between government and industry is significant.

2. I fall in between Generation X and Generation Y, and I find myself having qualities and understanding of both generations. I think this provides me a unique prospective which I try to portray in my work.

3. Having worked on projects in the financial, telecom, medical device, biosurveillance, logistical, and something in between marketing and communications vertical markets, I bring a breadth of experience across such domains.