Born to teenage parents in the shadows of the Kodak Park area of Rochester, NY, Brian was fortunate to have parents who took their situation in stride and make the best of their newfound parenthood. Though money was tight from the beginning, Brian and his younger siblings never knew it because of the stable home they were provided. Understanding Brian's curiosity at a young age, his parents bought him his first computer, the Tandy Handheld PC-4 -- with 544K bytes of free memory and 12 character display -- and this is where he first taught himself how to program in the BASIC ROM that powered the machine. Though money was tight, his loving parents made sure they could afford a set of encyclopedias and when Brian's father, a truck driver, found a set of old textbooks being discarded while working at a job for the school district, he brought home the textbooks that Brian used to learn algebra and other high school topics at a young age.

Education was important in the O'Keefe household. Firm believers in the best education they could afford, they cut corners to send their kids to St. Charles Borromeo School in Greece, NY for what they believed was a better education than local School No. 42 in Rochester, NY. When Cardinal Mooney, the lone affordable Catholic secondary school, closed as Brian graduated from St. Charles, the family packed up and moved to the rural school district of Brockport, NY to keep that education goal in mind. Brian took advantage of his parents effort to earn academic and need based scholarships and fulfill his parents' dream of attending college at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, where he went on to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

After being recruited in his senior year (during the dotcom boom) by Business Development Services (now called Tallan), Brian accepted a promising position in Glastonberry, CT that unfortunately had to be cut short due to some irreconcilable differences. Brian moved back to Rochester, NY, where he soon after started working for Info Directions, Inc., a customer care and billing software provider in Victor, NY. After three years of growing with the wonderful company headed by Don Culeton, Brian felt the need to broaden his experience by getting back into software consulting and made the difficult decision to accept a position with Infoscitex Corporation.

Brian continued to grow his career at Infoscitex Corporation with various roles in projects for CooperVision, Coleman Research Group, and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics. In 2005, Infoscitex acquired the small business innovative research (SBIR) contracts from Foster-Miller and Brian began learning about the government research and development industry to further round his breadth of experience. After authoring a couple of successful proposals and performing as Principal Investigator (PI) for a number of successful research projects, Brian is continuing to grow his unique multi-discipline and multi-vertical market experience with work in both private industry and government research contracts as research scientist, project manager, and principal investigator.